Sydney Roofing Blankets

PerformINS HD Plus Roofing Blanket is a super-soft Australian made roofing insulation. PerformINS HD Plus Roofing Blanket provides excellent thermal and acoustic benefits through the reduction of heat loads entering the building and by minimising the internal reverberation and flow of unwanted external nuisance noise which is generated from adjacent buildings and rooms or the external environment. Designed for applications under metal, fibre cement, and concrete roof cladding PerformINS Roofing Blanket HD Plus eliminates the problems associated with condensation build up on the underside of the metal roof system. The reflective foil face faces down toward the air space under the roof and prevents airborne moisture from reaching the surface of the roof sheet. PerformINS Roofing Blanket HD Plus also provides an excellent acoustic insulative barrier. It reduces nuisance noise coming in from outside the roof space, such as aircraft and rain noise, as well as reducing noise from within by absorbing reverberant noise.

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