Sola Safe LEVEL 1

Solasafe Polycarbonate sheets offer 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays. Solasafe comes in three levels and three profiles. Solasafe polycarbonate can withstand 250 times more impact than glass, while also being strong enough to withstand hail. This type of polycarbonate roofing sheet is one of the most popular choices for domestic applications in Australia.

Sola Safe Level 1 is the most popular Solasafe Polycarbonate Sheet. Six colors are available with different light and heat transmission ratings. Solasafe Clear sheets let 90% of the available light flood your space; your window to the heavens is truly yours. Integral surface protection helps extend the life of the sheet by preventing UV degradation, it prevents the sheet from yellowing over time.

Sola Frost LEVEL 2

Ampelite SolaFrost offers a remarkable 99.9% UV protection to your family. Ampelite SolaFrost can also be used to provide extra privacy. Solasafe polycarbonate has a 250-fold greater impact resistance than glass, and is strong enough to withstand severe hail. This is also a popular choice for domestic applications.

Ampelite now offers UV protection with the SolaFrost matte texture on the underside of its polycarbonate sheets. This will provide better heat dispersion coupled with light transmission to your outdoor areas. The Ampelite SolaFrost texture diffuses light to reduce the harsh glare from direct summer sunlight.

• SolaFrost Clear permits 87% light transmission.
• SolaFrost Grey permits 27% light transmission.

Sola Safe Hr1 LEVEL 3

Level three features outstanding heat-reducing properties and metallic particle heat reflecting technology. Solasafe polycarbonate branded polycarbonate sheets have a 250x greater resistance to impact than glass, and are strong enough to survive heavy hail. Ampelite Solasafe Hr1 offers a high rate of 99.9% UV protection for your family.

Metallic particles reflect heat, but allow for soft diffused light to pass through. This solution is particularly suitable for hot climates. Millions of metallic particles are scattered throughout the sheet to achieve this effect. Solasafe Level Three is recommended for areas where the climate calls for it. To protect the sheet and those below, 99.9% UV protection has been built-in. Outdoor living at its best.