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Peak Manufacturing are your go-to suppliers for roof flashings and all other roofing materials. We deliver Sydney wide and offer the best service, range, and prices. If you're looking for roof flashing suppliers, we are your easiest, most convenient and best priced option.

Peak Manufacturing are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of a wide array of flashings and accessories for all roof types in Sydney. Roof flashing is a critical aspect of construction and prevents water entering in through the roof cladding system.

Flashings stop water entering through gaps and we supply a wide range of flashing options to suit any roof application.

Speak to the team at Peak Manufacturing and get the right flashing product supplied for your project and needs.

Barge Flashings

Barge flashings help negate water from entering the end of roofs, in particular water blown in by wind.

This is a very important part of all roofs and it is of the utmost importance that you install the appropriate barge flashing to suit your specific roof.

In the case that the incorrect flashing is not installed properly, or the wrong type of flashing is installed, water can get into the roof and cause expensive and potentially major damage.

Speaking about barge flashings in particular, it’s important that the top plate is the appropriate width, normally 150mm or greater, to stop water entering in via wind.

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Ridge Flashings

Another type of flashing, ridge flashings, are again very important to stop water entry into your roof. 

Ridge flashing (also referred to as capping) stops rain from getting under your roof cladding material through the ridge seam, which is a common place of entry.

It’s important that the appropriate flashing is selected and installed to match the material your roof is constructed of, as well as its design.

An advantage of this particular type of flashing, is that it can also add an aesthetic look to your roof while providing protection from water entry.

Valley Flashings

Valleys are a major point in the construction of tiled roofs.

Valleys are where 2 sections of the roof come together and create a V shaped joint or angle.

Historically, they’ve proven to be a point of weakness in tiled roofs due to the large volume of water they often carry and the intricate nature of the join.

Peak Manufacturing will provide, as well as custom manufacture the ideal solution for a safe valley system that will meet Australian building code standards, and keep your home dry and in good condition. 

Apron Flashings

Apron flashings are designed to keep dry the part of the roof where it meets a vertical wall.

An example of this scenario is where a roof meets a wall constructed from brick, or where a veranda is butting up against a wall constructed of wood.

Get in touch with the professionals at  Peak Manufacturing, we will ensure that you have the correct flashing for your application.

Lead Free - Self Adhesive Fast Flashing by DEKS

Fast Flash by DEKS is a popular, relatively new product that is a great all-round solution offering a lead-free, pliable, versatile flashing solution for sorting out those difficult roof situations. Fast Flash can be put on all roofs that have an angled slope of at least 5 degrees or more. There is no other solution available that offers the same attractive appearance, and is perfect for dressing down to any roofing material profile. It features a fully adhesive base, making it simple to set up and requires half the time of other lead-based products.

Constructed from aluminium and with an adhesive rear side, DEKS fast flashing is a great new alternative for environmentally safe flashings.

Almost any roofing material can be suited to fast flash, including:

- Roofs constructed from metal or steel
- Roofs constructed from tile (cement or terracotta)
- Roofs constructed from polycarbonate sheets
- Glass, Brick, Concrete

Custom Flashing

Peak Manufacturing stock a large array of flashings but we also specialise in custom flashings for those unique circumstances.

It’s always a better outcome when having a flashing custom designed & manufactured instead of trying to mesh 2 different types of flashing together.

Trying to cut corners when it comes to flashing is risky business and can lead to time wasted, along with potential damage due to water leakage.

Ensure you get it right the first time, with Peak Manufacturing.

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